Jesus is the ultimate servant. He demonstrates what it is to be a servant to others and He calls His followers do likewise. In John 13, he washes the feet of His disciples. In doing so, He makes the point that not only does He serve others, but His followers are to serve one another. In other passages such as Mark 10:43-45 He points to His sacrificial death as how He serves His followers and exhorts them to seek to serve rather than be served. Jesus also encouraged and sought to meet the physical needs of strangers (Heb 13:2), the poor (Matt 5:42), and the needy (1 John 3:17-18). Based on Jesus’ example and teaching, Christ Community Church is eager to generously and sacrificially serve those inside and outside our church community.

If you are aware of any needs in the community please get in touch by emailing deacons@christcommunity.org.au



We may be able to assist with some meals to assist if you are bedridden or homebound for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to: welcoming a new baby; suffering from chronic illness; undergoing medical treatments; recovering from surgery/injury; or elderly limitations.


If you’re in a crisis situation, we may be able to offer some practical and immediate short-term assistance. Each August we also have a community care day, where we tackle a large number of personal and community projects through Toowong and surrounding suburbs.


CAP Money is a FREE budgeting course that makes managing your money simple! CAP Money teaches people - from all walks of life - how to create a budget and prevent bad debt. Usually run over two sessions, this practical workshop provides people with the skills they need to manage their finances and prevent debt.


The need for friendship and genuine relationships is real.
We’d love to help you establish friendships through our.
“Play in the Park” Mum’s and Dad’s groups Shared hobby/interest groups.