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This week we begin a news series on the Psalms, a book that holds a dear place in the hearts of Christians throughout all generations.

As far as reading plan goes, there are three options you might like to consider:

Option 1 – “Meticulous Memorising” –  Plan to memorise the preached psalm each week; reflecting on and praying its words each day.  (The psalms we will be doing this year are 1, 2, 3, 8, 19, 22, 23 – a wonderful collection to have locked away in your memory bank!)
Option 2 – ” Meditative Musing”  – Plan to read and reflect on one psalm per day consecutively during the series (eg day 1 psalm 1, day 2 psalm 2). This should see you through all 42 psalms of book 1 in the next 7 weeks.
Option 3 – “MeaningfulMuttering” – Plan to read aloud through the psalms for a certain amount of time per day. Perhaps 10 mins, 20 mins etc. Each day start where you left off, and just read at your pace through as many psalms as you get through in the allocated time. Then let the themes […]

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Posted by Sam Boss-Walker on Thu, 14 June 2018 in Church Blog

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