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Habakkuk 3: Yet I Will Rejoice In The LORD

Two weeks ago we met the prophet Habakkuk lamenting before God (Habakkuk 1:1-4).

Inspired by this, on Sunday we spent time lamenting before God during our worship time. Perhaps this is the first time you’ve uttered a prayer like that. Perhaps you didn’t know you could.

In theology there is an expression, “now and not yet”, which describes the present age in which we live. The Old Testament looked forward to a glorious age of peace and wholeness. With the coming of Christ this age dawned, however the end is not yet. The work of Christ will be consummated when He comes again. Until then we experience the features of the new age in what can be called a foretaste. But we also still experience the features of the old age – pain, discouragement, sorrow, and anger over wrong things and misfortunes that affect us.

As Christians we are not called to deny our feelings. Nor is it helpful to do so. There are times we groan (Romans 8:23). In the Bible, these groans find expression in a category called “lament.” Roughly a […]

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Posted by Christ Community Church on Wed, 28 June 2017 in Church Blog

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