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The First Tremor

500 years ago a young German sparked the Reformation when he questioned whether the church was following the Bible’s teaching about justification by faith in Christ. We are glad he did, because our church holds dearly to many of the doctrines that were rediscovered from God’s word! Over the coming 5 weeks we are going to be celebrating the Reformation by preaching through the 5 Solas. Each of these, Scripture alone, grace alone, faith alone, Christ alone and God’s glory alone, are fundamental to our faith. To help us understand a little more of how God worked all those years ago, the eNews blurb will be about a historical figure who God used to spread the good news. These come from the team at Desiring God.

Peter Bradbury

PETER WALDO  / Died by 1218

The First Tremor


More than three hundred years before Martin Luther was born, an unlikely reformer suddenly appeared in the city of Lyon in southeast France. His protests against doctrines and practices of the Roman Catholic Church were strong tremors foretelling the coming spiritual earthquake called the Reformation. And […]

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Posted by Peter Bradbury on Thu, 19 October 2017 in Church Blog

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