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We value a lifestyle of prayer

The gospel has made God accessible through prayer. The strength of our ministry is dependent upon God and will parallel the strength of our prayer life. We will be a people whose passion is to rest in the intimate embrace of our Father through prayer.

Do you desire to rest in the intimate embrace of your Father through prayer? I do. Although the reality is I’m not always as passionate as I’d like. One thing I have found particularly helpful for my own heart has been to pray with others. Can I invite you warmly, and also call you to commit to praying with other brothers and sisters this year. Not out of obligation, but because you desire to see God work in and through our church, and in your heart.

Will you commit to at least one weekly, and one monthly time of corporate prayer? Here are some options for you to consider:



• For our services. We pray before each of our services, for God to work through His word as we gather. It is held near the stage 15 minutes before […]

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Posted by Peter Bradbury on Thu, 10 January 2019 in Church Blog

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