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Luke 1:57-80

How to Be Full of Christmas Spirit

What is the key to being full of the Christmas Spirit? What is the key to living with gratitude, generosity and joyfulness this Christmas? Is it watching Christmas movies, making gift lists and making Christmas food that is delicious not “gross” as Wikihow would instruct (See link below)? Or perhaps something else….

 Last Sunday we looked together at Luke 1:39-56, a passage of the Bible that is overflowing with gratitude, generosity and joyfulness. Here are the alternative suggestions we drew from this passage to conclude the sermon. They aren’t new, but it’s so easy for them be crowded out with everything else that is tucked into this season. 

1. Like Mary and Elizabeth, recognise that Jesus – this humble baby we celebrate at Christmas – truly is the promised Messiah – the Son of God. Your and my King. Our Lord. Our Saviour. Our God (Luke 1:41-47). 

2.  Like Mary, meditate on just how merciful and mindful our Mighty, Holy God has been to us – to you (Luke 1:46-50). What was our state when God called us? We weren’t […]

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Posted by Andrew Faulkner on Thu, 13 December 2018 in Church Blog

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