Code of Conduct

The Christ Community Church Code of Conduct (click to read) sets out the behaviour that is expected of leaders and representatives of our church. The policy applies directly to anyone with a legal connection to Christ Community Church. This includes but is not limited to all Church Staff, Church Trainees, Church Interns, and members of the Committee of Management (Church Elders), as well as Impact Staff, Impact Interns and Lead Staff.
This policy should also be consulted in cases relating to Church Deacons, members of the Women’s Leadership Group, and at the discretion of the Church Elders.

Christ Community Church recognises that there may be occasions when people behave in a way that is, or appears to be, in breach of the Code of Conduct.

Making a complaint

Complaints must be made in writing using the FIEC Complaint Form (Available here). Complainants are encouraged to provide as much detail as possible of the alleged breach of the Code of Conduct by, for example, identifying when, where and what is alleged to have happened by whom and to whom.
Allegations of a breach of the code of conduct should be directed to a church Elder, or to a member of the Women’s Leadership Group.

Complaints Procedure

Any allegations involving those with a legal connection to Christ Community Church will be referred to the FIEC and dealt with according to their policy and processes. These allegations may additionally, at the discretion of the church Elders, be further investigated.
All other cases will be dealt with by the church Elders who will follow the FIEC policy and process. The church Elders, at their own discretion, can elect to appoint an internal or external complaints committee and any investigators.
Any person who is the subject of a complaint, including an Elder or member of the Women’s Leadership Group shall not participate in conducting the complaints procedure.