We need partners to pray for and help us raise up workers for the harvest

Jesus says to send our more Gospel workers: And we have many young men and women (and some less young) who we want to formally train and send out to the harvest.

The need is great: Locally and globally there is a shortage of mature and trained Gospel workers.

Trainees are a good investment: We love training them to grow in conviction, character and competence, so that they can end up anywhere God calls: Missionaries, Church Planters, Student Ministries & more.

Trainees with Impact/CCC

We have sought to formalise a 3-year shepherding and equipping process for raising up labourers. This process gives exposure and training in ministry, while also helping to further fuel our ministry locally.

Each trainee will:

  • have a coach to help shepherd them,
  • they will be a part of a training cohort to develop them in conviction, character and competence,
  • and they’ll be a part of the Christ Community or Uni Impact team to help give direction and experience in ministry.

We partner with Queensland Theological College (QTC) and Ministry Training Strategy (MTS) to offer ministry scholarships. Included in the scholarships are the following:

  • Scholarship: Fortnightly scholarship payments.
  • QTC course fees covered (for 8 units over 3 years).
  • Matthias Media Resource Package
  • Training Costs: CCC will cover costs for attending the annual G8 conference, plus at our discretion other training costs such as Vision Trips, Reach Australia Conference, Gospel Coalition Training, Summer Beach Projects and Cross Cultural Projects, and other appropriate and relevant training opportunities.
  • Resource Library: CCC will provide hard or electronic copies of relevant QTC textbooks and other materials and resources needed.

If at the completion of the 3-year traineeship, both CCC and a trainee would like to continue with scholarship and study, it is possible to extend the traineeship to complete a MDiv over the following 2-3 years.

Join the The ONE% Club

It costs over $50,000 to train a person each year. During the next five years, we want to have begun training at least 10 people for 3 years each. This is costly, and we need help to be able to do it. We have structured our scholarships so that donors can give in a tax deductible manner, which can make limited resources go further and enable you to be even more generous!

People in the one-percent club commit 1% of their yearly income to helping us keep Training and Sending out labourers. Donations are tax-deductible and go directly to paying the Trainees Scholarship Allowance and Theological College Fees.

As a ONE% Club member, we will endeavour to provide you with bi-annual updates about past and present apprentices. Here is the latest update

At Christ Community Church and Uni Impact we’ve been training gospel workers for over 20 years. Below are some of them. God has been kind. 

Dan and Kimi

Dan was converted through the Uni-Impact ministry. He spent 2 years training in Brisbane with the team before going to Thailand where he and Kimi (who was trained for a period through CCC) have laboured for the past decade, and now lead a campus ministry in Chang Mai.


Did a traineeship focussing on the next generation. Toward the end of her traineeship she married Thomas and began study at theological college. She continues to invest into the next generation, especially with the birth of their son.


A country kid who caught the church planting bug while on a two-year traineeship with CCC. He went to Bible College and has since done something which is extremely rare, but so needed: planted a church in regional Queensland. He’s the minister at Emerald Presbyterian Church.


Has spent over a decade in the cold, yet beautiful, Dunedin. After serving for a number of years in Brisbane, he and his family moved across the Tasman and they have been privileged to see generations of Uni Students transformed by the Gospel.

Aaron and Katie

Katie has recently finished up a traineeship following the arrival of their daughter. She met Aaron at QTC and he has received training alongside his theological study, and has become an important member of the CCC staff team.


Was a part of the original church plant team for Christ Community Church back in 2004. With hearts for the Gospel poor, Jeanne and her husband Tim have spent time in in Myanmar and more recently serving among international students in Brisbane.


Ben was working as an engineer when he made the decision to give Gospel Work a crack. After 3 years with CCC and the City Bible Forum he completed his theology degree and is now serving in a Next Generations role at a multicultural church on the Southside of Brisbane


Spent time training with CCC and serving in a pastoral capacity. She has continued to lean into her pastoral and counselling gifts for the sake of the church and now works as a Christian Counsellor and continues to serve at CCC as a part of the Women’s Leadership Group.


Spent 2 years training for campus work in Brisbane before returning to the land of his heart – New Zealand. He has planted two Campus Outreach ministries in Dunedin and Christchurch, and continues to invest in the local church and local leaders.


Had his life transformed by God’s grace while he was at University. He began training and labouring with Uni Impact in 2016 and hasn’t stopped since. He now leads the Brisbane team towards building Christ-centred labourers at the university for the Kingdom and glory of God.

Andrew and Debb

Andrew joined CCC in 2014 and served with us as he studied at Theological College. He them took on a role with staff as a Missions Pastor. Meanwhile, Debb undertook a ministry traineeship and then continued on staff as our church administrator. In 2023, they led the church plant launch team from CCC and are a part of the new Centenary Evangelical Church.


Has the privilege of praying and planning for campus outreach in Australia and New Zealand as the Regional Director. It has been almost 20 years that Grant has trained and served in various roles in the network.


Was discipled by Dave Cunningham the planting pastor of Christ Community, and trained for pastoral ministry while studying a QTC from 2009-2011. In late 2011 was humbled to step in as the Senior Pastor of CCC and has served in that role ever since. He longs to see God raise up many labourers for the harvest.