Please join us each Sunday as we enjoy and declare the wonders of God’s grace. 

Service Time: 4pm

Where: Oakman Park, Toowong

If you can’t join us in person at Oakman Park you can watch our livestream on Zoom

This Sunday

17th January 2021

Call to Worship 

Song: God is For Us

Song: Cornerstone

Officer Induction and Prayer

Song: You Alone Can Rescue

Bible Reading: Titus 3:3-7


Song: Grace Appeared


Sunday Resources

Kid's Resources

Other Resources

Caring for one another

Praying Together

Please join us to pray together via zoom at 7:45pm Sunday nights (the zoom link is available in the weekly church update email and in our church Facebook group).

If you can’t make the call, please pray in your household at this time!

Here is a prayer guide put together by SIM to inform your prayers for our nation and the world at this time. 


Gospel work is no less important in this time. In the absence of physical giving, here are our details.

Regular – BSB: 034 061 | Account: 222809
Mission Fund – BSB: 034 061 | Account: 287493

We live to enjoy and declare the wonders of God’s grace in Christ for the good of Brisbane, Australia and the world

Church Update

Gathering in person every week (6th November 2020)

Dear church family,

I’ve managed to land the role of COVID compliance officer for our school Christmas carols. Having to consider, negotiate and apply all the rules in this context has reminded me of how amazingly our church staff and countless volunteers have served us over the past months. Thank you so much!

Praise God, as per the title of this email, we are now at the point that we can gather every week in person! Not all the details are ironed out for future weeks, but weather permitting we will seek to gather each week at Oakman Park. We will continue to run a zoom option for anyone who is unwell or unable to join in person.

Grace to you,


This Week

Our service will commence at 4pm, but please come from 3:30pm and be seated in household groups with 1.5m spacing on your own rugs/chairs by 4pm.  We will have printed bulletins with the song lyrics or you can print and bring your own. Please bring: Bible, Rugs/Chairs, Weather appropriate attire, Personal snacks

Our service flow will be: Call to Worship, Sing Everlasting God, New Member Induction, Prayer, Sing God with Us, Sermon Mark 11:1-11, Communion, Sing What a Beautiful Name, Sing Shout Hosanna.

Kids Ministries: This week there will be activities for the children after the service until 5:30 for: Seedling (<3.5years), Saplings (3.5years – prep), Sunday School (Grades 1-4) 

Youth: The youth will be meeting from 3:30-3:55pm for a sermon pre-brief with the youth leaders on the oval. After the service, there will be a youth and youth leaders group game until 5:30pm.

Prayer: Our weekly prayer at 7:45-8:30PM on a Sunday over Zoom (Meeting ID via Facebook) continues. Please consider joining us!

Women’s Christmas Event

21st of November 2-4pm, Toowong

What do you do to prepare for Christmas?

The lead up to Christmas can be full of emotions; excitement for the holidays, stress with preparations or maybe sadness in missing loved ones. This event is to help women pause to do two wonderful things:

  1. To prepare for Christmas by each making a beautiful wreath
  2. To consider the meaning and joy of Christmas

To REGISTER head to


By now most of you have experienced our amazingly efficient and relatively simple to use check-in system. If not, you are in for a treat by following the below instructions. Note: Visitors will be able to check-in on arrival as usual, however we want to encourage all regulars to use our new check-in system 

  1. [Beforehand]. Download the Church Center app (android or apple) onto your phone and register using your planning center registration (the first time you open there will be some authentication steps) 
  2. When you arrive, simply open the app, click on the check-in tab and select yourself and/or household members to register. You will have the option to indicate whether your kids will be participating in the kids activities (more on that below).
  3. Show your registration screen to our hospitality team at the check-in desk when you enter.

Important COVID information

We will be running this service in line with the Queensland Health COVID safe Event checklist, as well as the Stage 5 restrictions. The kids activities will be run under the  COVID outdoor recreation activity providers industry plan.

The following dot points are important information from Queensland health:

  • Stay at home if you have the symptoms of any infectious condition (eg. other respiratory viruses), or a cough, fever, sore throat, runny nose, fatigue or shortness of breath. Get tested immediately.
  • If you become unwell during the service, seek assistance from a member of the hospitality team. There is an isolation area available (refer to map), but we encourage heading  immediately for testing and then home.
  • Maintaining physical distancing requirements is the individual’s responsibility.

 The staff and volunteers have undertaken the COVID19 infection control training. I would personally recommend every responsible citizen to do this 30 minute online course.

Previous Updates

Hi church,

Just a few things to bring to your attention.
Firstly, this will be a final 9:30am service for a while. The Worksheet is attached. Next Sunday (weather permitting) we will begin meeting fortnightly at Oakman Park for an outdoor service at 4pm. From then, each week, whether in person or online (same Zoom ID) we will be at 4pm. I’ve been really encouraged by the excitement among young adults, and willingness among young families to make this move. Please be praying for nourishing times together at Oakman, and for fine weather!
Secondly, this week the sermon has a PG rating. It is a passage about marriage and divorce. So you’ll hear words and phrases like sexual activity, physical intimacy, adultery, fornication. I’d encourage that this will be a good opportunity to discuss these things with your children, but wanted to give the heads up!
Thirdly, with our impending move to afternoon services, please consider how you can be using your Sunday mornings. Let’s not waste this time, but use it well so that we might grow and encourage others also. The Bradbury’s have already got a few brunches locked at our place over the coming month. Let me know if you’re keen as I’m the master at heating up hashbrowns! Please would you initiate warmly to others – and feel free to ask if you can spend time with others. Also, I warmly encourage you to join our weekly prayer times on Sunday evenings at 7:45-8:30pm. See the Facebook page for the Zoom ID
Fourthly, if you consider Christ Community Church to be your church, then please become a member. It helps us know who is a part of our church, and gives you more opportunities to use your gifts to serve. When you register here you’ll sign up for a Sunday morning discussion later in October and be given access to about 2 hours worth of videos to watch prior to then.
Fifthly, the Single-minded conference is each Wednesday night during October (come to any or all). Our church has purchased a license and you can register here. We warmly encourage everyone to make use of this. There should be opportunity when you register to opt to gather with others to participate.
Grace to you,
Hi Christ Community,

I’ve personally been thankful to be reminded of God’s heart for the nations this month. Please join us again for our Sunday Service at 9:30AM (Zoom ID on Facebook) and  Sunday Prayer  at 7:30PM (Zoom ID on Facebook)

Please read below a couple of reminders and things to communicate:
Grace and peace,

2020 Mission Fund pledges
What can you pledge in faith, trusting God to provide? 
Our Mission Fund is how we financially support the various Missionaries that our church is privileged to partner with. God has so generously provided each year for our needs – and we are confident that He will again this year!
There are 3 ways to submit your Mission Fund pledge this year:
    1. Please complete our electronic version – (No credit card details required – it is pledge only).
    2. Please drop your pledge card into the office – 7/200 Moggill Road, Taringa (during business hours).
    3. Please post your pledge card into the office – Po Box 1824, Toowong, Qld 4066
We are hoping to have all pledges received by Sunday 30th August so that we can confirm our 2020-21 financial support to our missionary partners in September. If you still need a copy of the pledge card (or prayer book), please let us know
As a reminder, this is a pledge as to what we will contribute to the Mission Fund between now and 30th June 2021. 
2020 Mission Praise & Prayer Night 
7pm, Sunday 30th August – Now on Zoom too!  
On Sunday 30th, we have a special opportunity to finish the month praising God and praying once again for His glory among the nations. From 7pm, our Worship team will be leading us in 30 mins of LIVE praise and worship. At 7:30pm Dan & Kimi Lewis will be joining us to have a chat and share about life there. From about 7:50pm we’ll then be praying together through till 8:30pm.   
If you would like to come along in person, please register. Alternatively, you can also join via zoom – we’ll be using our usual Sunday night link. Why not plan to lock that time in the diary now? 
13th September, 9:30AM. Oval Service
At our next service on the oval we will be celebrating some Baptisms. Please contact Pete if you are interested in talking through getting baptised yourself, or if you’d be interested in knowing more about baptising your child/ren. 
Sunday 30th, 4-6PM. 16 Burrumbuck Street Chapel Hill. Dinner included. 
Find out how we started and where we’re heading as a church. You’ll get an insight into our beliefs, our values and what we are trusting God will do in and through us as a church. It’ll be a chance to meet some others and find out how to connect. Register Here.

Dear Church Family,

This coming Sunday we are going to meet together in person on the St Ignatius Oval again. I warmly encourage you to join us. 
I want to acknowledge again that gathering together is a wonderful privilege we have as God’s family, but that these are strange times and there is a wide range of emotions we may be feeling. We are told in various places in the Scriptures that it is good for us to encourage by one another as we sing together, to fellowship together and to sit under the teaching of God’s word together in person. Yet at the same time, the service will be messy, things will go wrong, children will go wandering, there will be distractions, we will not be able to hug one another, many of us will be anxious about things we normally wouldn’t have to worry about. It would be easy for us to focus on what is not ideal, but can I encourage you to come with hearts ready to worship God and be OK with what is not ideal. We have a wonderful opportunity on Sunday to encourage one another and to bear with one another.
Below is a lot more information which I encourage you to read
Hope to see you Sunday,
What to expect?
Please join us on the St Ignatius oval from 9am. Aim to be seated in household groups with 1.5m spacing on your own rugs/chairs by 9:30am.
The flow of the service will be similar to recent months, but with a Mission Month twist. We’ll be called to worship, we’ll sing ‘Made Alive’, we’ll hear a missionary update and pray, we’ll sing ‘Great Big God’, we’ll hear the Scripture read and God’s word preached, and we’ll sing ‘Rejoice’. We will have printed bulletins available with the song lyrics and kids worksheets available. I have attached them so you can print your own should you wish. 
We will partake of Communion together. I’ll give practical instructions on Sunday, but rest assured that we have ensured we will be doing this in line with the regulations. 
There may be a good reason why you can’t or don’t feel it appropriate to come. We will be running our regular zoom and warmly encourage you to join in that way. You will need to print your own bulletin for the lyrics and Bible reading. Unfortunately, this location is not easily accessible for those with mobility challenges (there are 2 sets of stairs and a long ramp).     
Important COVID information
We will be running this service in line with the Queensland Health COVID safe Event checklist and the current Stage 3 restrictions. The following dot points are important information from Queensland health:
  • Stay at home if you are unwell or have a cough, fever, sore throat, fatigue or shortness of breath.
  • If you become unwell during the service, seek assistance from a member of the hospitality team.
  • Maintaining physical distancing requirements is the individual’s responsibility.
The staff and volunteers have undertaken the COVID19 infection control training. I would personally recommend every responsible citizen to do this 30 minute online course.
All attendees will be checked in when you arrive on the oval.
What about the kids?
The idea of kids and social distancing is challenging, stress inducing, and it sometimes makes me want to both laugh and cry. I know many will be feeling anxiety about trying to keep kids from breaking social distancing requirements, and the thought of them sitting still for an hour is the stuff of nightmares. Please still come. Let us use this opportunity to show much grace to one another. As a family in Christ, we can all encourage our church children to practice physically distancing. However, we can also be gracious when they forget. I know some will be worried about what to do if a kid encroaches on your space. I invite you to kindly encourage them back to their household. 
What to bring?
  • Bible
  • Rugs/Chairs
  • Sun Protection
  • Morning Tea
Is there a wet weather plan?
Yes. The forecast is for fine weather and moderate temperatures. If it is looking  inclement then we’ll communicate via email and Facebook by early Sunday morning. In that scenario we will postpone our outdoor service till next week and do this one via Zoom.


Hi church, 


Are you excited? Our annual Mission Month is just around the corner. A whole month of being encouraged by God’s unstoppable determination to see His Gospel reach the very ends of the earth! A whole month of hearing updates of how God is moving and working in the world today! A whole month of being renewed and refuelled in our commitment to ordering our life around His mission for the rest of the year! 


Would you be praying even now for this month ahead – that God would powerfully use this Mission Month for much good in the life of our church. 


Please read on for some details regarding Mission Month this year, and other important church updates. 


Mission Month Events 

  • 1st August – Mission Prayer & Praise night, 7-8:15pm pm in the church hall.
  • 9th August – CCC Outdoor service on the oval. 
  • 23rd August – Mission Lunches (after the zoom service).  

For more details and registration for these events please go to 

Here is a preview of what else will be happening in August!

  • Sermons – As usual, we’ll be back in Acts for Mission Month. This year we’ll be preaching through chapters 15 & 16. 
  • Sunday night Zoom prayer – Each week we’ll have different missionaries join us at 7:30pm on zoom for a casual chat before our usual church prayer commences at 7:45pm.
  • Mission Month 2020 Prayer Book – Once again the GMT and our Missionaries have worked together to put together a new prayer book. We’ll be distributing these at the Outdoor service on the 9th. If you won’t be able to get along to this service, please let Debb know and we’ll arrange to get one out to you. 
  • Mission Fund Pledges – Please begin even now praying about how God would have you contribute to the Mission Fund this year.  


Church Picnics – POSTPONED to Sunday 2nd August


We had planned to enjoy some casual church picnics immediately after our zoom service this Sunday. Due to the expected rain this weekend, we’ve postponed those til next Sunday.


These picnics are a chance to hang out and enjoy time together. Click here for more details and locations – Please feel free to join whichever picnic you’d like. 


Also – We have invited those who have been receiving hampers to come and join us at the Perrin Park picnic too. Please make them feel welcome.  


Explore: Life – commencing Monday night 3rd August

Please join us online Monday nights through August as we explore together how Jesus truly is the best gift God could give us. For more details, and a trailer for the course, please head to or click here.


Who could you invite to join you at it?


We also have an Explore: Life info and prayer night scheduled for this coming Monday night (27th @ 7:45pm) if you’d like to hear more about the course, what to expect and how to invite others.



What a wonderful month ahead we have before us.


As always,

grace and peace,


Hi church,

It has been a week where the brokenness in ourselves and our world has been so evident. So much brokeness that I’ve started this sentence about 15 times now and I don’t know what to say. However, what I do know is that we’re invited to turn with trust to the one who created, who sustains, and who has saved us. The one who we also proclaim as the hope for our world. Please consider joining us for prayer this Sunday evening. Details for service and prayer below.
Sunday Details:
9:30AM Sunday Service (click here to register) 
As restrictions on gatherings ease, we continue to invite and encourage you to meet together for the service (or before or after) in person as the regulations allow. I know many might be comfortable being within the 1.5m, however, for the sake of being subject to our governing authorities and for the sake of others, please abide by all the regulations. 
7:45PM Sunday Prayer. A gentle reminder that the elders have called our church members to join us regularly for this prayer time as we continue to pray for Brisbane, Australia and the World. Many of us are fasting from the beginning of our services on Sundays until the end of the prayer time to help us hunger for God’s glory.
Sermon Worksheet
There will be a sermon worksheet this Sunday. The final touches are being added, but you’ll be able to access it via the website by Saturday afternoon!
With grace,

Hi Church,

There continues to be a lot of change. Restrictions are easing faster than most of us thought possible. Schools go back fully next week. Shops are opening. Yet, many of us are taking pretty cautious steps. We’re hesitant to fill our calendars straight back up, but we’re yearning for human contact. How can we navigate this time wisely and well? In particular how can we trust God, encourage one another and love others?
Encouragement from Elders
The church Elders have been prayerfully considering what the easing of restrictions means for our church.
For the foreseeable future, we will continue to meet over zoom for Sundays. And although you are welcome to begin other ministries, we’re not going to be starting things back up in earnest during stages 1 and 2 (until mid July). During this time we want to encourage you to catch-up with one another as the guidelines and your consciences allow online and in person. This could mean some within Community Groups gathering to participate in the service together on Sundays, it may be helping to feed the needy together on a Tuesday evening, it might involve meeting up at a park or coffee shop for fellowship. Please be initiating intentionally with one another!

Over the coming months, and as we have more information, the Elders will be considering how we will operate as a church. A key part of this, is discerning how we’ll gather as a church on Sundays. We’ll likely communicate what this might look like by late June. However, please feel free to give any suggestions to us 

Update from Deacons:
Some more encouragement from the deacons in this video and also a request for other ways you can help practically.
On the Couch 
If you’ve missed these videos, I commend them to you. About 7minutes with laughs, wisdom and fuel for your prayers. Col and Bek LyonsDan and Kimi Lewis
Sunday Details:
9:30AM Sunday Service (click here to register to join). There was some good feedback on the Kids Worksheet last Sunday. We are not going to have one this week, but the hope is to trial them again for the following two weeks. As usual there should be resources available via the website.
7:45PM Sunday Prayer. A gentle reminder that the elders have called our church members to join us regularly for this prayer time as we continue to pray for Brisbane, Australia and the World. Many of us are fasting from the beginning of our services on Sundays until the end of the prayer time to help us hunger for God’s glory.
With grace,

Right the way through this COVID-19 season we have been seeking to trust God, encourage one another and love others. How are you going with these things? Hopefully this update will help you in each of these.

Three things to communicate:

  1. What the changes to restrictions mean for us?
  2. Kids sermon worksheet
  3. 4C Update – Deacons initiative

What the changes to restrictions mean for us?

Most likely we are going to be continuing with our Sunday Zoom services at 9:30am and Sunday zoom prayer at 7:45pm for some time. However, with up to 10 people allowed in homes, we are now able to make some changes around how we gather for these times.

Meeting together and fellowship in person are important and wonderful aspects of being a part of a church family. Like me, I assume many of us have begun to deeply miss this. However, we want to follow completely the health recommendations as we gather, and also listen to our own consciences and risk profiles in this matter. Hence, I warmly call you to consider gathering with others (particularly in your Community Group) to worship God from this Sunday. Who can you gather with in person on Sunday?

A key part of fellowshipping together, can often be sharing a meal. Perhaps you could have brunch beforehand? Or lunch following? Some of us have been fasting on Sundays from the beginning of our service to the end of our prayer time, and I again call you to consider joining in with that and especially our prayers together each week.

Also, consider how you may be able to fellowship with one another to encourage each other during the week.

Kids Sermon Worksheet

It is a blessing to have a broad demographic joining us each Sunday. We do think this season is an opportunity for parents to encourage our kids to participate in the service. (I know this is very difficult). This Sunday we are trialling a Worksheet to accompany the sermon. It is aimed at 4-7 year old’s. However, 74 year old’s are welcome to use it also! I’ve attached it to this email and it will also be available in the kids resources section of the website. Watch the short video tutorial here!

4C Update

Wow! Praise God. Christ Community Church Cares! We have been absolutely blown away by the generosity of God’s people. So many have given time and money to help meet the needs of our church family, and also to be a blessing to others.

Last Tuesday, we were able to provide multiple meals to 18 very thankful recipients. It was a joy to hear back from one of the young girls that we not only met her physical need, but also were able to be a part of helping her see her spiritual need to reconnect with God. Plans for coming weeks are to provide increasing number of meals and also hampers. A reminder of ways you can participate:

1)      Can you please give generously to this cause? We have established a new COVID Relief account (BSB: 034-063   Account number: 412331). All funds received to this account will be distributed in aid of those in need.

2)      Can you help with putting these hampers together and/or delivering meals/hampers on a Tuesday evening? If so, please let us know via this form?

3)      Do you know anyone in a desperate situation who would benefit from one of these meals? If so, please let Debb know via email or the “Help needed” form.

With love and grace,


That is the word of this season. It is for me, at least. And I imagine it is for all of you, to some extent. Waiting for the next round of change. Waiting for restrictions to lift – gradually. Waiting to find out if your previous plans can go ahead or how you’ll need to change them. Waiting.
There are not many more postures in life that cause us to realise how small and finite we really are, how little control we actually have than waiting. And as followers of Jesus, waiting naturally leads us to prayer. For we must do something. We were not made to be idle – our limbed bodies and active minds inherently point to the fact that we are made for motion and activity. So when we are forced to wait, what’s the most important thing we do. We pray.
A friend and member of Christ Community Church encouraged me the other day with these thoughts as he read them in Paul Miller’s book, A Praying Life: “When you stop trying to control your life and instead allow your anxieties and problems to bring you to God in prayer, you shift from worry to watching. You watch God weave his patterns in the story of your life. Instead of trying to be out front, designing your life, you realize you are inside God’s drama. As you wait, you begin to see him work, and your life begins to sparkle with wonder. You are learning to trust again.”
Perhaps in this widespread season of waiting we are being given a defibrillating jolt into realizing we are inside God’s story, not our own.
A few weeks ago, as we were in Mark chapter 3, I asked you to imagine what it might look like to fill a great dam with our prayers; a spiritual dam full up for the Lord to unleash a flood of His Spirit upon this city and land. Why not bathe this city and nation in prayer – prayer for houses, neighbourhoods, workplaces. Could we from our homes (little gospel outposts), together on Sunday nights (bottom point below), on our exercise routes, as we go for walks, runs and rides, see it as our responsibility, even duty, to pray back the forces of evil unseen but real in the name of Jesus. Imagine what might happen in the world, in this city, through your talking with the King of the Universe? Asking Him to do something here and now that only He can do.
Finishing Up
Many of you will know that Jenny and I (with our children) made the decision late last year to move towards exploring whether God is calling us to be a part of starting a L’Abri ministry here in Australia. To do this I need to step down from my pastoral responsibilities with Christ Community. Amidst the surreal events of recent weeks, that time has come. This week I wrapped up full time pastoral responsibilities for Christ Community.
It has been a genuine joy and honour to under-shepherd Christ Community Church over the last 9 or so years. Thank you for your grace and love. 
The Pacholke family will continue to be members and be around in the coming weeks and months. And we still plan to head over to England and the Netherlands for training and confirmation before the end of the year. ….. For now though, we wait.
See below points with links for the week ahead. 
with affection,
  • Ambassador Hour – This week’s Ambassador Hour (Monday night, 7:45-8:45 click here for more info) will be a time of encouragement and thinking together about how we can be active in sharing our faith while social distancing and self-isolating. Come along to hear stories, ideas, discover helpful resources and be inspired to pray for and share Christ with others in the weeks and months ahead. After all, “the word of God is not bound! (2 Tim. 2:9). 
  • Don’t Waste Your Isolation: Who better to give perspective, humour and encouragement than Brian and Jennifer Phillips. They’ll be joining us from their home in Alabama via zoom. There’ll be a short interview followed by Q&A. Wednesday, 8pm, 29th AprilClick here for more details 
  • Sunday Services 9:30am: Let’s make sure every week we continue to gather together to sit at Jesus feet. Join Sunday Service  at 9:30am on Sunday mornings using the zoom platform.
  • Inviting others: Please invite your friends and neighbours to join us for our services. We are asking for people to register here, so that we can protect our online community and so that we can welcome and follow up our visitors well.
  • Sunday Prayer 7:45pm: We pray each Sunday evening at 7:45pm for approximately 45 minutes.  Use the zoom link!

“Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! According to his great mercy, he has caused us to be born again to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead…” (1 Pet 1:3)

It was such a joy to celebrate Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday together last week, and to share our church services with so many new faces! Our Easter Sunday service may well be the highest attended service our church has ever held. Thanks for inviting your friends. Praise God for the way He is surely at work!!

Let’s be each praying for all those who joined us last weekend: “Father, thanks so much for these dear friends you have given us. Would they come to trust Jesus as their Lord and Saviour, and fully appreciate the “living hope” that is ours through Him alone. Would they join with us to worship you every week Jesus. Amen.”

Welcome Lounge

To assist us in caring for and welcoming visitors in the coming weeks, starting this Sunday, some of our Hospitality team will host a “Welcome Lounge” immediately after the service (while Community Groups are running). If you’d like more info on the “Welcome lounge” or what happens when your friend registers to join us online – you can find that out in this new doc we’ve made: Inviting a friend to church.

Ambassador Hour

Over the next 3 Monday nights, we’ll be running “Ambassador Hour” sessions from 7:45 -8:45 (using this zoom link). These sessions will provide encouragement and an opportunity to think together on practical ways we can share our faith while in lockdown. Click here to see more details (including the topics that will be discussed each week). No need to register, just come along!


Sunday Service & Community Groups

Our Community Group times continue to be a place of encouragement and connection. If you haven’t yet had a chance to join a group, why not give it a try this week?

As usual, please join the Sunday service via zoom link by 9:25.


Thanks again for the generous steps people are already taking to meet needs that are arising amongst our church community and beyond. We have already been made aware of some significant needs in our midst due to loss of employment, and other needs in the community. There is such appreciation for the support that has been made available by the church family. Reminder that you can register help or needs via the forms on the Covid-19 page on the website, and you can always reach the deacons (Matt, Sam & Andrew) at


Finally, do keep an eye on our Covid-19 page on the website.  Each week we are continuing to update it with information relating to Sunday services, helpful resources and more.

Grace and peace,


Hi Christ Community Church,

Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us also lay aside every weight, and sin which clings so closely, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, looking to Jesus, the founder and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is seated at the right hand of the throne of God. Hebrews 12:1-2
I look forward to considering and celebrating Jesus’ death and resurrection over the coming days. 
Good Friday and Easter Sunday
Please join us in the zoom times for both Friday and Sunday at 9:30am. Good Friday will be a 30-40min reflective time considering Jesus death. There will be no Community Group time following the service – rather a call to individually or in households consider Jesus death, our own sin, and His offer of forgiveness. Easter Day will be an encouragement of the sure hope there is because of the resurrection. We’ll look at 1 Peter 1:3-7 (and depending on how I go in trimming the sermon the whole service should be a little under an hour). There will be some time after the service on Sunday in Community Groups. Come ready to be encouraged and to encourage. The sermon will be on the living hope we have in Jesus – So come ready to discuss how this hope can (or could) make a difference in your life.
Inviting Others
Please warmly invite friends, family and neighbours to join us. Can you ask your friends to register here for our services? Please let Debb know if you would like them to be a part of your Community Group. One of the main reasons we are encouraging registrations is because of the possibility of people maliciously entering our zoom meeting – sadly increasingly common. We’ve taken a number of steps to prevent this, and not sharing the zoom meeting link publicly is one that we think is important.
Sunday Prayer
I’ve been so encouraged and enriched through our Sunday prayer times from 7:30-8:15pm on Sunday evenings. The Sunday prayer has its own zoom link. Do consider coming – even if to listen and pray along with others’ prayers.
One other quick note. A number of people have asked about the Sacraments in our current situation. This is a new question, that the Elders want to prayerfully and patiently consider. As such, sadly, we will not be celebrating communion on Easter day.
Grace, peace and hope!

Dear Christ Community,

What a tremendous gift it is to be part of God’s family. What a tremendous gift it is to have been given a church family to share life with and be encouraged by at this time. Do you feel the same way? Are you hearing and seeing stories of how our church family is growing in these things? Of relationships in Community Groups building and deepening. Of acts of kindness and courage being undertaken within and beyond the groups. Of prayer being prioritised and pursued individually and together. Are you part of stories like these? May God continue to work among and through us in the coming days, weeks and months.  

Sunday Service and Survey

We continue to learn how to gather together on Sunday. Please join us again via our zoom link by 9:25. We will again break into Community Groups for community and discussion after the service. We warmly encourage you to plan to stick around and participate in this time.

As you know, our online services are still a work in progress. We would love to know any suggestions you have. Feel free to fill out this survey.


This Sunday (Palm Sunday) marks the beginning of Holy week. On the back page of our last newsletter you will find some great suggestions for approaching Easter with Jesus. We particularly recommend the “Walking through Holy Week” guide. This guide has great suggestions for adults, kids and families that will help ready your heart and build expectation for Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday.

  • Good Friday: We will remember Christ’s love and sacrifice with a worship service at 9:30am. Kids – we’ve had you in mind as we’ve planned this shorter than usual service. Join by the usual church zoom link above. Don’t forget to have some hot cross buns to eat afterwards!
  • Easter Sunday – We will meet to worship and celebrate the glorious news that Jesus is risen at 9:30am. Again, we’ll use the usual church zoom link.
  • Inviting others – Our Easter Sunday service will speak to the sure hope that is ours in Christ Jesus. And isn’t hope something our friends, our community, our world is in need of at present? Who do you know, who needs to hear of this hope? Invite your friends to register here to join us.


Thanks for the generous steps people are already taking to meet needs that are arising amongst our church community and beyond. Our hope is that Community Groups will become the primary means of identifying and meeting practical needs. Alongside these groups however, and to assist in coordinating help for what will likely be a growing number of needs over the coming weeks, the deacons have prepared 3 things that we’d ask you to take time to look at please:

  • “Help needed” form – Please use the “Help needed” form if you need help, or you need assistance in helping someone else.
  • “I can help” form – Please use the “I can help” form to let the Deacons know if you can help with any of the following: temporary accommodation, financial aid, grocery gift cards, delivery of groceries, transport, yard work, other. Already we have had requests for almost all of these.
  • “How do we love our neighbours in a time like this?” This brief guide contains some initial ideas for how you can be praying for and practically loving others at this time. We’ll update this with new ideas and would welcome those you have.

You can always reach the deacons (Matt, Sam & Andrew) at


As Pete mentioned last week, we have put together a new page on our website for information relating to Sunday services, helpful resources and more. We’ll be updating it each week, so please check it out and refer to it regularly. You will find the service plan for this and future Sundays available on that site.

Grace and peace,


Dear Christ Community,

This past Sunday, in a new and very different way, God was worshipped around the world with households gathering to sing his praises, to pray and sit at Jesus’ feet as we heard His Word preached. Our little church family had hundreds of people from homes around Brisbane, Australia and the world enjoying and declaring God’s grace! (So, many in fact that we couldn’t all fit into our zoom connection – the good thing is it’s a lot easier to expand zoom than our church building, so we should all fit this Sunday)!

Trust the Lord

Do you know the phrase that is most frequently used in the Bible? It is the declaration of the steadfast love and faithfulness of the Lord. Psalm 86:15 reads, “But you, O Lord, are a God merciful and gracious, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love and faithfulness.” I know at this time many are anxious and worried. We are trying to make decisions and it feels like the ground keeps moving under our feet. The thing that is necessary, the good portion, that is lasting – is to sit at Jesus feet. To rest on the firm foundation of knowing the steadfast love of God. We must trust Him. He is faithful and nothing can separate us from His love.

Some things for your consideration

  • Sunday Services 9:30am: Let’s make sure every week we continue to gather together to sit at Jesus feet. Join Sunday Service  at 9:30am on Sunday mornings using the zoom platform. Register for Church on Zoom.
  • Sunday Prayer 7:30pm: From this Sunday evening at 7:30pm we will begin weekly church prayer times. We will pray for approximately 45 minutes. Depending on numbers we will spend some of the time in breakout rooms of 5-8 connections.
  • Inviting others: Please invite your friends and neighbours to join us for either the service or prayer times. We are asking for people to register here, so that we can figure out the most appropriate Community Group for them.
  • Facebook group: One of the ways that we can connect and encourage each other more broadly is through our Facebook group. Please join if you haven’t already! (If you are already a part of the night service group, you’ll automatically be a part, but the morning noticeboard members will need to join)
  • Website: We are putting in place a new page on the website (still under construction) where you’ll be able to access useful information such as:
    • Coming Sunday Service Plans
    • Kids ministry resources
    • Prayer Points
    • Church Communications
    • Information about different whole church connection opportunities
    • Opportunities to practically serve or to make needs known
  • Community Groups: These groups have been formed quickly. The desire is that they will be able to be places of deeper relationship and care for one another. Please contact Karl if you would prefer to be in a different group. We tried our best to organise them with pre-existing relationships and also with a healthy mix of demographics.
  • Survey: I mentioned that we’d have a survey for you to give feedback. In the end we’ve gone ahead and made a heap of adjustments, so think it’ll be more valuable to get feedback from you based on a couple of experiences. More on this to come.

Service Plan for Sunday

  • Call to Worship
  • Song: How Marvellous
  • Prayer
  • Song: He Died Upon the Cross
  • Announcements
  • Reading: Mark 2:23-3:6
  • Sermon (Parents should have received an email from Felicity – let me know if you haven’t)
  • Song: God is for us
  • Benediction
  • Community Group Time

Grace to you,


20th March

Dear Christ Community Church,

I’m so, so, thankful that God’s love is so wide and long and high and deep. Unfortunately, our houses aren’t that big. So, with the latest government announcement of each person needing to have 4m of space in inclosed areas we change plans again trusting that God establishes our steps. Thanks for your patience with us.


Let me again share some perspective… with some thoughts on Hebrews 10.

Since we have confidence to enter the holy places by the blood of Jesus, by the new and living way that he opened for us through the curtain, that is, through his flesh, and since we have a great priest over the house of God, let us draw near with a true heart in full assurance of faith, with our hearts sprinkled clean from an evil conscience and our bodies washed with pure water. Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for he who promised is faithful. And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works, not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the Day drawing near. Hebrews 10:19-25

I’ve always read the words do not neglect to meet together with the assumption that we’d always be able to meet together. I mean, often we pray, thanks Lord that we can freely meet. But I’m not sure I ever thought in Australia that we wouldn’t be able to meet together. Sadly, due to very complex situation, we can no longer freely meet in person as a church family. This brings me to my knees.

Grace to you,


19th March

Dear Christ Community,

Again I’m sending this note to all on our mailing list (you can let me know if these emails are not relevant for you by emailing here). I am primarily addressing any who consider Christ Community to be your home church.

Right now an appropriate question many of us are asking is, ‘What is God doing?’ Many people have died and countless more are likely to die due to the COVID-19 virus. There is a whole lot of anxiety, concern, fear and confusion. Our lives are seemingly being turned upside down before our eyes. We might respond by questioning God and almost accusingly asking ‘What are you doing?’ Yet, none of what is going on surprises God. He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. His thoughts and His ways are higher than ours. We can trust God because He is trustworthy and He has demonstrated His love so clearly in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. So, we can ask the question ‘what is God doing?’ with the expectation and trust that He is working according to His perfect will.

This perspective helps us to approach what is before us as an opportunity to actively trust God and love one another. As the church elders, deacons, staff and others have prayerfully discussed and planned towards the coming months we’ve tried to do so in dependence on God and seeking to love others. We want to reiterate that we want to be loving exemplary citizens. We can love people by actively seeking to follow the Queensland Health Guidelines. We also believe there will be wonderful opportunities before us to love and care for others in the coming months. Some opportunities before us could be:
Might God bring us closer to Him and others?
Some will have the opportunity to use skills in our work to sacrificially serve the greater good and demonstrate Christ’s love
For some of us to spend a lot of time in close proximity with one another and ‘do’ life together in families, households and small communities
Praying dependently
Sacrificially loving our neighbours and sharing the peace, joy and hope we have in Christ
Space and time to consider life and how we are living it for God’s glory
Where possible and sensible, gathering together in community is a helpful and wonderful part of being a member of God’s family. Hebrews 10 reminds us that God is faithful and commends meeting together in order to stir up one another to love and good deeds, and to encourage one another.

Things continue to unfold quickly and we will continue to be watchful and stay updated for the sake of loving each other well in our community. If you have any concerns, or helpful suggestions please contact me.
With love and grace,
Pete (on behalf of the church elders and the many other amazing people who are helping us)
Dear Christ Community,

I’m sending this note to all on our mailing list. However, I am primarily addressing any who consider Christ Community to be your home church.

This is regarding the unfolding situation around COVID-19. You have probably all had varied responses to this, from anxiety to calm, from seeking out every detail to enjoying ignorant bliss. As Christians, I think we can respond in two helpful ways.

Firstly, to trust God. We must trust His goodness and His power, and express this through prayer – for those around us, for our world, and for our own anxious hearts and health.

Secondly, we must seek to be loving exemplary citizens. 

 Whilst many of us don’t present within the ‘at-risk’ spectrum of people, we have a responsibility to abide by the guidance of the governing authorities. We can love people by actively seeking to follow the Queensland Health Guidelines. At this stage, those recommendations allow us to gather on Sundays and meet in smaller groups. We encourage you to continue to do just that, but ask everyone to take the appropriate hygiene measures set out by Queensland health including washing of hands and avoiding handshaking to avoid transmission.

So, at this stage, our church ministries and activities will continue as normal. We want to neither be over-cautious in fear nor over-zealous and foolish. With love and wisdom we will continue to meet, share the Gospel and love others, all the while remaining aware of, and following, the guidance of experts and governing authorities. 

As would hopefully normally be the case, if you are sick (with flu or cold or other contagious sickness) please be wise and loving in limiting contact with others until you are well.

Things are unfolding quickly and we will continue to be watchful and stay updated for the sake of loving each other well in our community. We are making plans for how we can continue to enjoy and declare God’s grace should the advice of the government change and will communicate these should the need arise.

If you have any prayer requests, concerns, or helpful suggestions please contact me.

With love and grace,
Pete (on behalf of the church elders)