The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.
Luke 10:2

Christ Community Church is committed to sending and supporting labourers for local and international mission. We have several members and friends working at home and around the globe.

Mission At Home

The City Bible Forum exists to explain the Bible to city workers. We aim to make the Bible clear and accessible to all people. We do not assume any prior knowledge nor belief and welcome all people regardless of their opinions. Find out what’s happening in the Brisbane CBD at citybibleforum.org.

Mission Around the Globe

There are members of Christ Community Church all over the world. Some are sharing the gospel with university students in Dunedin, New Zealand and Chiang Mai, Thailand. Some are studying Apologetics in Vancouver, Canada. Some are living and working in Nepal, AustriaIndia, Malaysia and other SE Asian countries. We are also working with existing ministries run by local Christians in Bangladesh and Thailand.

Global Missions Team

The Global Missions Teams provides practical support to missionaries, communicating with the church and caring for their needs. To find out more about the GMT, contact us.

Missions Month

Each August, we set aside all our Sunday services to focus on missions, at home and abroad. This practice goes back to the very early days of Christ Community and has a big influence on our priority on missions. In the past we’ve all worked through a Mission Month Devotional together.

Missions Fund

Christ Community Church financially supports missionaries in several countries around the world.  The main way in which we provide this support is through Faith Promise Giving.  A Faith Promise commitment is a pledge made through much prayer, in which a person commits to give a certain amount above their normal tithe for the sake of spreading the gospel around the globe.  100% of this giving offerings go towards Christ Community-supported missionaries.  If you would like to give towards our mission fund, you can find the banking details here:

Mission Fund Giving: BSB 034 061 | Acc No 287493

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