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1 Samuel 2:1-10 – My heart exalts in the Lord

Are you trusting in your circumstances? Is it easy for you to trust God and talk to Him when things are going well and you are feeling blessed, but He seems distant at other times when life it hard? This is something I struggle with. I think Hannah’s prayer is a helpful one. She went through a period of great anguish and heartache in not being able to bear children (see 1 Sam 1 – particularly verses 10 and 11). […]

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Numbers 6:22-26 – The Lord bless you and keep you

Have you ever received words of advice or instruction which at the time seemed helpful and reasonable, but over time you have come to realise just how poignant and helpful those words have been for you?

The prayer we are looking at this week is short and simple. It was given to the priests not long after God had rescued his people from slavery and called them to be a holy nation that worships him. God’s people must have needed these […]

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Nehemiah 9 – You are the Lord, you alone

The second prayer for our series on prayer is found in Nehemiah 9. This prayer is long and stirring. It is full of Scripture (every verse is a quote). The context of the prayer is that a small remnant of Israel has returned to Jerusalem. The temple has been rebuilt and the walls restored. Yet, they are deeply aware that although they were once a great nation, they were rightly exiled by God because of their sin. They have been […]

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Nehemiah 1 – The God who keeps covenant

Over the coming weeks we’re going to be preaching through the Old Testament book of Nehemiah. This book contains two wonderful prayers – one a personal plea, and the other a corporate confession. Over the coming weeks, the eNews will have a look at these prayers and other significant prayers throughout the Bible. My hope is that in hearing the heart of God’s people in prayer, that we’ll personally and corporately draw close to God in prayer.

The prayer for this […]

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