Beliefs, Purpose and Values


A full expression of our doctrine is found in the Westminster Confession of Faith.





  • God, by His grace, has redeemed a people for Himself through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ
  • Jesus Christ is supremely worthy of all glory, worship and the delight of all people
  • God has promised that through His people, cities, nations and the world will be blessed

Therefore our purpose is…

We live to enjoy and declare the wonders of God’s grace in Christ for the good of Brisbane, Australia, and the world.

We purpose to do this by…

So that…

The surpassing riches of Jesus Christ will be enjoyed and declared by multitudes in our city, nation and world according to God’s eternal purpose.




We value the gospel as the foundation for our relationship with God and people

The gospel not only leads us to Christ but also carries us on with Him. This good news tells us that we are eternally loved and accepted by God through faith in Christ; therefore, we are able to love and accept others. The cross destroyed the barriers that held people at bay with God and each other. Our church desires to be a safe home where the love of God is demonstrated to one another.

We value wholeheartedness in *corporate and private worship

The gospel leads us to personally know God in deep and meaningful ways. God is primarily concerned with the condition of our hearts as we worship Him. Our pursuit of God is to mirror His passionate pursuit of us.

We value a lifestyle of prayer

The gospel has made God accessible through prayer. The strength of our ministry is dependant upon God and will parallel the strength of our prayer life. We will be a people whose passion is to rest in the intimate embrace of our Father through prayer.

We value teaching that is Christ-centred and culturally appropriate

The gospel gives us relevant and redemptive truths to teach. The person and work of Jesus is a powerful message for the Christian and the seeker, so grace will be our constant theme. We will teach the Bible with confidence that God will continually renew us through His Word as we respond in faith and obedience.

We value a life-on-life ministry model

The gospel moves us to serve as representatives of Christ. Jesus left for us a model of ministry for the extension of His kingdom. This model was multiplying in purpose and personal, intentional, and equipping in nature. We desire our church to be characterised by a commitment to life-on-life discipleship.

We value a posture of gratitude

The gospel reminds us of our sinful condition and of God’s saving grace. Life is to be lived with the knowledge of God’s sovereignty in all things. This leads us to live life with gratitude regardless of circumstance because God is devoted to our good.

We value a decentralised ministry philosophy

The gospel grants us the privilege of ministry. Recognising each member’s unique contribution to the body of Christ, we will equip people and encourage the use of their individual gifts for the corporate good. We desire to see all members labouring together.

We value growing leadership and ministries from within

The gospel enables us to trust the Lord to raise up leadership and ministry opportunities. Leadership and ministries are most effective when they are developed from within. The continuation of our vision will only be as successful as our commitment to this value.

We value being kingdom focused

The gospel draws us to affirm all work done for the kingdom of God. It calls us away from self-interest in our relationship with other Christian churches or ministries. We desire that the bounds of our fellowship not be determined by peripheral convictions but by the central truths of the gospel.

We value strategic risk taking

The gospel empowers us to be uncomfortable. We are to be boldly stepping out in faith, aggressively using our gifts and resources to advance the gospel in Brisbane. The gospel empowers us to shake off our complacency and to expectantly attempt great things that only the power of God can accomplish.


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