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What are you waiting for?

When I was a little girl, my sister, cousins and I would wake before light on Christmas morning in eager anticipation of all the gifts that lay around the base of the tree in the lounge room.  My Dad, being crafty and a practical joker at heart, thwarted us once by removing the handle from the lounge room door.  I remember trying to jimmy open the windows from the front verandah, alas, without success.  We had to wait.

Waiting is not something we do well in our culture because it is easy to get things quickly.  And in this season of plenty, we get a lot.  A lot of food.  A lot of social interaction.  A lot of gifts.  But of course, the things we can get, are not always the things we really want and often our ability to ‘get’ more and more distracts us from the growing emptiness until, finally, on Boxing Day, or before, we feel it.  Spent.  In Jeremiah 2:5 we read that walking after emptiness makes us empty.

Advent is a time where we wait.  We wait […]

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Posted on Thu, 1 December 2016 in Church Blog

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