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Missions Month

August is Missions Month, as I am sure most of you are aware.  Christ Community missionaries will be highlighted in e-news over the course of the month, and on our Facebook page too!

Sam Miller
I am in my second semester on staff with Uni Impact after an exciting start to the year ! It’s been awesome to see God at work in the colleges and a privilege to be used by him in students’ lives. A couple of major highlights have been the follow ups for two evangelistic discussion groups. I’ve been meeting with two lads from Cromwell for 6 months now and have seen them move closer and closer to accepting Jesus as saviour. It seems as if they could both take a step of faith any week now. A similar story is happening with three guys at Leos college. However at the moment they are very busy and it is just very hard to meet up with them. I would greatly appreciate your prayers for all of these guys.
The other thing I am really enjoying at the moment is seeing Christians that I […]

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Posted on Thu, 25 August 2016 in Church Blog

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